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Read some comments from previous students and their views on the course and the teachers

Andy, Shropshire

Heartwoods Project officer, regional woodland initiative for W. Midlands

The friendly and realistic nature of the course was a wonderful contrast to the formulaic and ‘dry’ training that dominates in all professions these days.

Ian, Yorkshire

Woodland manager and owner

Wow! The enthusiasm and sheer passion of Gavin and Will, Geraint and Graham was fantastic. This was a fantastic learning opportunity and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Alistair, Oxford

Director of Forestry/Sustainable Forestry Foundation. Researching & promoting sustainable woodland management in Oxfordshire and beyond.

All in all I found the course exceptionally well organised, highly informative and light hearted. Personally the course provided me with the essential information on the processes between woodland management and useable timber. I realise that this section of the wood chain should perhaps be of second nature to the forester, however most of my experience has focussed on the science of woodland management and policy. To find individuals like Will, Gavin and Peter who are willing to give their knowledge and time is quite exceptional and hard to come by.

Sharon, Cumbria

Student – BSc Hons Forestry/woodland management, Newton Rigg

A mix of students vital as everyone learns from each other. Hands-on brilliant!

Nick & Katie, Essex

Partners in own business, furniture makers and woodland owners

Judging possible defects in standing trees was a very useful introduction for Day Two, and the little leaflet explaining timber measurement was admirable. Roger Venables’ lecture was fascinating and his images beautiful. I could have watched all evening.

Colin, Cornwall

Land management, woodlands, horse logging, timber framing and furniture maker.

I feel that a greater understanding must be achieved between foresters – saw millers – makers and end users before things will change. Small courses like this one are vital and a great start.

Martin, Herefordshire

College lecturer, Herefordshire

Very good course, most interesting all round. Very good lecturers with excellent grasp of subjects and very good presentational skills with great enthusiasm for subject.

Richard, Suffolk

Self employed woodsman and greenwood worker

As a whole I can look back and truly say that I can’t really fault what was delivered and that it was very informative, whilst also being enjoyable. I think that the course has a lot to offer, and it would be good to replicate in other regions.

Eoin, Scottish Borders

ASHS/Woodschool Ltd – Sawmilling, seasoning, machining, furniture making & training

I have been around the block in my short (35 years) association with woodlands. This course was very stimulating and for an old cynic like me to learn something new every hour was extraordinary. God knows what was jettisoned from the grey matter to make way for all the new information I had to take on board. I obviously didn’t need the other stuff that was in there cluttering it up. I thought that the pace, style, delivery and genuine engagement of Gavin, Will, Geraint, Graham and Ben was commendable. For a first attempt there wasn’t much missing. The knowledge transfer was awesome. If it didn’t go in first time, there was no reluctance or irritation to go over something again. These guys should be in every forest school classroom in Britain. Gavin is a national treasure.

Doug, Herefordshire

Forestry consultant, horse logging, woodland management, timber processing, end user

Excellent value. Tutors excellent in terms of theory, practice and experience. Very enjoyable and informative.

Rob, Anglesey

Forestry student, recent graduate from University of Wales, Bangor

The main benefit from the course is that I am now able to identify and grade standing timber that would be of interest to the sawyer, as well as having an appreciation of the expectations from the grower. I would recommend this well organised course to anyone interested in improving their knowledge of the British Hardwood industry and as a way of de-mystifying the roles each part of the supply chain plays.

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The wide geographical spread of our students – from Suffolk to Cumbria and from Scotland to Cornwall.
We have the perfect setting in Herefordshire, which encourages applicants for our courses.

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