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Press Release - March 2016

Corporate Membership moves with the times for Woodland Heritage

Corporate membership numbers at Woodland Heritage have received a boost this month with the welcome addition of two forestry-based businesses.  Wood-Mizer UK and Sussex-based Artizans of Wood have continued a trend for the charity of an increasing number of corporate members coming from the growing and processing parts of the timber supply chain, replacing businesses from the furniture-making sector, where the charity has its roots.

‘Woodland Heritage was created in 1994 by two cabinet makers keen to ‘put something back’’, said Guy Corbett-Marshall, Woodland Heritage’s Development Director.  ‘Whilst many furniture makers and retailers still support the charity, changing demand has seen many others shrink in size or disappear, so it is really encouraging to see our supporter base move with the times and for businesses like Wood-Mizer UK and Artizans of Wood to join us instead’.

Wood-Mizer UK has been supplying and servicing sawmills to customers in the UK and Ireland since 2004, many of whom are mobile sawyers who have well established businesses.  Other customers include tree surgeons looking to diversify and woodworkers keen to mill timber in their workshops to meet their precise needs.

Artizans of Wood specialise in constructing Roundwood timber buildings which can vary from outdoor classrooms, garden offices and barns through to bespoke constructions that are crafted to meet a customer’s exact requirements.  Artizans are keen to share their knowledge too, running courses in Roundwood Timber Framing from spring to autumn this year.

‘Becoming a Corporate Member of Woodland Heritage brings benefits to a business and to the forestry sector’, said Mr Corbett-Marshall.  ‘As well as receiving a copy of the ever-popular Woodland Heritage Journal, members can join the annual Field Weekend which always brings stimulating debate set in the finest forestry estates in a different region of the UK each year.But membership also enables the business to ‘put something back’, as its support helps Woodland Heritage to subsidise young foresters to attend training courses each year, including its own ‘From Woodland to Workshop’ courses, and to help fund research into major issues facing the industry such as Acute Oak Decline.  Corporate Members can also use Woodland Heritage’s logo on their publicity materials as a way of showing they support the charity’s principles in their day-to-day work’.

Corporate Membership of Woodland Heritage starts at just £100pa with details available at, a website that also provides latest news on the annual Field Weekend, the forthcoming ‘From Woodland to Workshop’ course in May and with the latest copy of the Journal available as a free download.

Editors’ Notes

For more information on Wood-Mizer UK, please go to, or for details about the work of Artizans of Wood, please go to

Picture shows David Biggs, General Manager, Wood-Mizer UK and Liza Niedduof Artizans of Wood with their certificates of membership of Woodland Heritage.

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Press Release - February 2016

Woodland Heritage grant helps launch of new Irregular Forest Management Group

A grant of £2,764 from Woodland Heritage has helped the new group, Atlantic AFI (AAFI), to welcome leading members of its sister organisation in France to a landmark event on 9th March.  Julien Tomasini, President, and Max Bruciamacchie, Scientific and Technical Director of Association FutaieIrrégulière (AFI), the ‘Irregular High Forest Association’, will be at the AAFI’s inaugural Management Board meeting, during a visit that will also include the third re-measure of the first English AFI Research stand at Stourhead (Western) Estate in Wiltshire.

Since 1991 the AFI have established a large network of research stands that monitor the performance of irregular forests across all parts of France, as well as in Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland and England.

Over the last ten years, a group of British and Irish foresters who have long been convinced of the effectiveness of continuous cover forest management have formed an alliance with their fellow practitioners of irregular high forest management in the AFI network, which has now led to the formation of the autonomous branch called AAFI.

AAFI will be the membership organisation in countries where English is the first language and will be open to managers, owners and scientists interested in using the monitoring methodologies developed by AFI to measure biological and economic performance of the best developed stands; the new group will be complementary to existing groups such as Continuous Cover Forestry Group and Pro Silva Ireland.

The economic performance measures are obtained by integrating price-size curves and records of costs of operations and overheads. Performance in one stand can be calibrated against similar stands across the Network.

Acceptance into the AFI Research Network is recognition of the special qualities of the irregular stand and also provides a direct link to the expertise of experienced irregular forest managers across Europe.

The AFI have also devised an Abbreviated Methodology that can be used by individual managers independently of the Network. The Abbreviated AFI Methodology is cost-effective and can be used at the estate level to show the link between structure and increment and to investigate the economic performance of the best developed stands within a woodland enterprise.

The inception of the AAFI could not have taken place without the assistance of a number of important donors who have very generously funded the start-up and the support of the owners of the pioneering Irish and British AFI Research Stands. Also key to the process has been the encouragement and support provided by Woodland Heritage, which dates back to 2005.

If you would like to get involved with the AAFI, or assist with a donation, please contact Phil Morgan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Editor’s Notes

Woodland Heritage was established as a charity in 1994 by two cabinet makers keen to ‘put something back’.  A membership-based organisation, the charity supports the resilient management of woodlands, the development of the timber supply chain, the furthering of knowledge and skills within the forestry and timber sectors as well as within the general public, and the tackling of threats to the future supply of high quality UK timber.  As well as working with bodies such as AAFI, Woodland Heritage runs the popular ‘From Woodland to Workshop’ courses and a Field Weekend each year, in addition to producing an annual Journal.  A current priority for the charity is supporting research into Acute Oak Decline.

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Woodland Heritage LinkedIn Group

Our Forum facility has been replaced with a new LinkedIn group, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Please feel free to join and take part in conversations about matters of interest to the charity, its members and supporters.

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Journal 2014 is available to download

This 2014 issue is a 'Special Anniversary Edition' celebrating 20 years.

88 pages of topical articles about forestry, woodworking. research and education.

  • Click here to download a copy (5.5 Mb PDF);
  • Our vision: To maximise the economic and environmental value of trees and promote wood as a renewable natural resource.
  • Click here to visit the Journal Downloads page;
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