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Message from Clarence House

Ted Wilson, Senior Lecturer in Silviculture, National School of Forestry

“ Each of us has the power to make a real difference. We all have a role to play in sustaining our trees and woodlands. However, for many young people, idealism and adventure can be tempered by lack of resources. Woodland Heritage is one of the few organisations that really understands young people in forestry and helps nurture their talents. In recent years, the National School of Forestry has forged a strong partnership with Woodland Heritage that has enabled us to develop state-of-the-art teaching materials and training opportunities. Funding and advice from Woodland Heritage has given many young foresters the opportunity to develop practical and professional skills, and to widen their experience through travel. Woodland Heritage is to be congratulated for its energy and enthusiasm, and for helping so many young people fulfil their goals and ambitions in forestry. ”

David Duxbury, Red Lodge Wood

“ Quality trees are essential for many woodworking businesses and as a small forester Woodland Heritage gave me great encouragement and assistance in striving for that objective. ”

John Davis - Vice Chairman Forestry and Timber Association

“ Woodland Heritage is a unique charity which makes a real difference to what is (not) happening in our woodlands; WH understands the real causes behind the despair of those responsible for our UK woodlands - the lack of real sustainability, the burdens of inappropriate and ineffective regulations and bureaucracy, albeit well intentioned, the lack of implementing and supporting science to renew and restore our depleted woodlands. Well done and keep it up; I recommend any well wisher to join and support your work, in particular taking part in your field days, which are fantastic! ”

Philip Koomen Philip Koomen Furniture

“ What I find unique about WH is its ability to attract into its fold a wide range of disciplines. I belong to a number of organizations but few have such a well defined mandate for action and fewer still promote an interdisciplinary approach: furniture makers, retailers, foresters, woodland owners, and scientists share their knowledge and expertise and work towards a common purpose. The environmental problems now challenging us require interdisciplinary approaches. WH members represent a group of like-minded individuals and organizations committed to developing a sustainable future. For me the future of our woodland heritage symbolizes the sustainable challenge facing all of us. As an individual member WH has given me considerable support and encouragement with my various initiatives; it is an excellent mutual support network for people who want to make a difference! ”

Tino Rawnsley Rawnsley Woodland Products Cornwall

“Woodland Heritage are a real tree roots organisation who work in a pragmatic way toenable a viable future for forestry. They support young woodworkers as theyfind their way into the craft and they encourage the vital links between craftsmen, makers, the industry and the sustainable culture of trees, woodland and forests and most of all they live up to their motto "Action not Words". A huge thank you for all the help and support you give ”

Ben Orford, Greenwood Worker, Tool Maker & Woodsman

“ When I first heard about Woodland Heritage from my tutor, Mike Abbott at Living Wood, I was not really convinced that I should get involved. But I soon realised that Woodland Heritage was not just all about conservation and planting trees and that they were interested in the whole cycle of planting, growing, harvesting and the producing woodland products. It is very pleasing to know that Woodland Heritage are able to help so many people in so many ways, from good advice, finding contacts in related subjects, through to funding for training and skills that help benefit our way of life and surrounding woodlands. I still really enjoy wood working and all aspects of it and I am sure that without Woodland Heritage's encouragement and help in the beginning, that I would not have gained the wide range of experience and training that I needed. It now gives me much pleasure to be able to share my knowledge and skills with others and help them! Thank you Woodland Heritage (and Mike Abbott) and long may you continue. ”

Stuart Linford

“ I became a founder member of Woodland Heritage to help preserve and better understand the wonderful material that we use to make the furniture that our customer's call; "The antiques of the future". My family and I have learnt about and enjoyed the magical world of forests and tree growing through woodland Heritage. This resource is priceless and essential to the spiritual and economic well-being of us and future generations. ”

Bede Howell, Chartered Forester

“ Trees are essential to our well-being. Woodland Heritage links the growing of trees to production of useful and beautiful wooden end-products, coupled to trees' increasing importance in providing carbon-neutral energy, which is an important message for the public. ”

Mike Abbott @ Living Wood Green Woodworking, Courses & Training

“ Woodland Heritage is a personal organisation that actually does what it says it will with a minimum of fuss and bureaucracy. It has been a great support to young people wanting to enter the re-emerging realm of work that links woodlands with timber processing. There are many successful green woodworkers pursuing a path that was initiated with support from Woodland Heritage ”

David Bates - Stiles & Bates Kent

“ Woodland Heritage is organised and has a membership of real world tree people. There are a number of well funded, well intentioned woodland conservation groups in the UK, but as we found from previous efforts as fund raising members of one of the largest of these, their strategy is of woodland ownership and conservation, totally missing the point that the bottom line of good forestry management has to be the harvesting and full utilisation of the long awaited crop. Woodland Heritage understands and promotes not just this policy, but actively funds and encourages the re-generation of the skills required by the next generation to carry this job forward. As small scale users of round timber we have long found that sourcing a reliable supply of quality logs of the basic UK timbers is difficult at best, so we sadly resort buying logs imported from Europe. For a country that built an empire on wooden ships, it is bizarre that it has taken until now for us to realise that the forestry management skills of our European neighbours can be made to work in the UK. Fortunately for future generations, the Woodland Heritage initiative is gaining increasing support from like-minded people to promote the skills and the attitude that will ensure a viable and sustainable UK forestry industry within our wonderful woodlands. ”

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