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Mind your "P"s

You should not just plant a tree, walk away and hope......you need to mind your “P”s !


As with every successful project the key is clarifying your objectives and then doing your research.

What's your planting scheme ? What are the objectives of the planting ? Are you eventually going to produce quality timber ?

What species (Provenance) ? What spacing ? What management regime ? Succession planning – will there be continuity of management over two or three generations ?


Does the soil need amelioration or improvement? Spray off grass/existing ground cover to avoid smothering the young trees and competition for nutrients and light.


How are you going to protect the young trees from pests and avoid damage from grey squirrels, deer, rabbits, voles and ongoing competition from weeds.


Are you going to carry out “Formative Pruning” and how often ?


When are you going to pick your final crop trees ? You need to thin out the weaker trees of poor form and give your winners the best environment to realise full Potential.


Are you going to “High Prune” your final crop trees and if so when and how frequently ?


You are growing the trees for the generations that will follow you. Recognise that it is a long term Pursuit.


Harvest the selected trees, Process, Plank in a sawmill, dry and then resaw and Plane ... enjoy the most beautiful, natural and renewable raw material available to mankind.


Plough back some of the Profits into re-planting for future generations.   Try to ensure that what you do is sustainable over the long term.

Other educational leaflets are available on request covering Formative and High Pruning techniques, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

This information was taken from our 2016 Woodland Heritage Journal, a PDF of this can be downloaded here.


Bursary boost for popular training course

A new bursary scheme has been created by Wood-Mizer UK to help people already working in, or considering a career in the timber supply chain. The bursary is administered by Woodland Heritage and helps to subsidise a place at its popular, ‘From Woodland to Workshop’ courses, held twice a year at Whitney Sawmills in Herefordshire.

The first bursary was awarded to David Hammond, an employment engagement director, who was able to attend May’s ‘From Woodland to Workshop’ course to assess its suitability as a training resource for ex-service personnel keen to get into the wood chain. David was recommended to attend the course by the Armed Forces’ charity, HighGround.

“Having attended the ‘From Woodland to Workshop’ course myself last year, I could see the tremendous benefits that all participants gained from it, regardless of where they work in the wood chain,” said Wood-Mizer UK’s General Manager, David Biggs. “The course reaches out to people wanting to start processing wood, whether as new entrants to the industry or as existing professionals keen to diversify and to add value to their current business operations. For Wood-Mizer, the new bursary is a sound investment to reach potential customers, all of whom also have the chance to try our LT-40 as part of the course’s itinerary.”

Speaking for HighGround, David Hammond added:

“Ex-service personnel are often used to and enjoy working outdoors, as well as having a rich variety of skills, many of which lend themselves to developing a career in forestry or timber processing. With the wood chain full of so many different options to developed employed or self-employed careers, I certainly see ‘From Woodland to Workshop’ courses as a sound introduction to the overall sector and very complementary to existing HighGround Rural Weeks which provide serving and ex-services personnel with an overview of the land-based sector, how their military skills and experience map into it, and what training and qualifications they will need for their chosen area.”

The nineteenth ‘From Woodland to Workshop’ course is due to be held at Whitney Sawmills between 26th-28th September 2016 with a dozen places available.

“Whilst we already have a list of potential attendees, we would be keen to receive expressions of interest from ‘end-users’ - particularly furniture designers and makers,” said Woodland Heritage’s Belinda Moore.

“The course fee is £750, but thanks to Wood-Mizer UK’s bursary one fortunate student will be able to attend for just £250, which is great value for a three-day course of this breadth and depth.”

More details about September’s course can be found at www.woodlandheritage.org.uk with the Wood-Mizer bursary open for applications from 1st to 31st July via the same website.

Image shown: David Hammond gaining experience of the Wood-Mizer LT-40 under the watchful eye of David Biggs;

Editor’s Notes

Woodland Heritage was established as a charity in 1994 by two cabinet makers keen to ‘put something back’. A membership-based organisation, the charity supports the resilient management of woodlands, the development of the timber supply chain, the furthering of knowledge and skills within the forestry and timber sectors as well as within the general public, and the tackling of threats to the future supply of high quality UK timber. As well as running the popular ‘From Woodland to Workshop’ courses and a Field Weekend each year, Woodland Heritage produces an annual Journal. A current priority for the charity is supporting research into Acute Oak Decline.

For more information on Wood-Mizer UK, please go to www.woodmizer.co.uk.

HighGround is a charity based in London which works with Service Leavers, Reservists and Veterans all over the UK to help them find jobs, careers and vocational opportunities in the land-based sector.   for more information on Highground, please go to www.highground-uk.org.


Climate Change Accord: a Call for Resilient Forests, Woods and Trees

Woodland Heritage is a supporter of this cross forest sector initiative.

If you are interested in signing up to the Accord please contact John Weir at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To view a PDF for more information please click here.


About the W2W Courses

Overview of the "From Woodland to Workshop" Courses, along with an introduction to the topics covered in both the Woodland and the Workshop parts of the courses.

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