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Bye Laws

Bye-law #1 – management fees on gifts

The board of trustees reserve the right to allocate up to 10% of any gift received in support of a specific project or purpose (a ‘restricted’ donation) towards the general costs of administering and managing the work required to enable the donor’s wishes to be fulfilled; where a gift is made without any specification as to how the money is to be spent (an ‘unrestricted’ donation) then up to 100% of the gift could be spent on ensuring that the charity has the ability to administer and manage its affairs to meet regulatory and supporters’ expectations. In order to ensure that as much money as possible can be spent on fulfilling the aims of the charity, management and administration costs are kept to a minimum and are reviewed and challenged on a regular basis by trustees.

Bye-law #2 – appointment of honorary officers

The charity’s Articles make no provision for the creation of any posts that might be held by honorary officers and it is under no duty to maintain roles such as Treasurer, Secretary or Chairman, the latter role only being specified as required to enable the business of meetings of members and the trustees to proceed with clear rules laid out as to how a Chairman is to be elected meeting-by-meeting. In dealings with members and external parties, however, the ability to convey the specific role of one or more trustees may be deemed beneficial and so the board of trustees reserve the right to create positions for honorary officers and to appoint one of their number to such role or roles and to then review those posts and appointments on a regular basis.

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